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"It's never too late to feel your very best."

I help clients with hypothyroidism increase their energy, improve digestion, and lose weight so they can feel in control of their autoimmune disease and live their best life!

Greater Well-Being and Improve Your Health

Innovative Approach

We don't just measure the health of your thyroid by one number.  There can be many reasons, specific to you, that you are still experiencing symptoms even though your TSH levels are "normal." Our innovative approach will help you find your specific triggers!


After working with clients over the years the #1 question that's asked is "Can you guarantee results?"  I can never "guarantee" results. We  can give you your specific formula to help you manage your thyroid.  But, the application of that formula is a team effort!  As long as we work together as a team, the results will come.

Whole Body Support

Your thyroid affects every organ system in the body.  According to the most current research, there are 8 different areas that cause most underlying thyroid problems. This is often missed with Hashimoto's patients. These different causes were studied extensively by Dr. Kharrazian who is the expert when it comes to the thyroid.  His research-based approach is the method we use to help uncover your triggers to your thyroid symptoms.  

Personal Passion

It has always been my passion to not only help my clients, but to make sure they have the tools they need to take control of their health and diminish that feeling of hopelessness that they feel when they have tried everything and nothing has worked.  You deserve to be healthy again!  That's where I feel rewarded, and that's my goal for you.  

Customized Care

I always feel uneasy when I see the latest one- size-fits-all supplement, potion, or "program."  There's too much information out there for someone to do this on their own.  Too much information leads to demotivation and the feeling of hopelessness.  That's why the path we create together gives you specific tools so you can take back your health!

Education for Our Patients

We educate all our clients on the specific causes and triggers that can be leading to the underlying causes of your symptoms.  From there, we can build a formula that is specific to you.  You will understand your thyroid and autoimmunity in a completely different light.  

The Importance Of Finding The Right Health Coach For Care

If you have been to multiple doctors and specialists, you have probably been told, "It's in your head" or "There's nothing wrong" or "Your TSH levels are fine and there's nothing left to check."  You know how important it is to find someone who knows what they're doing, especially when it comes to your thyroid condition.  We treat the entire body and perform the necessary tests you need to get the bigger picture.  There's more to your condition than just a TSH test or an antibody test.  Finding the right expert is critical!

Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Health

Lifestyle changes are critical to your health and well-being, especially when you're dealing with thyroid issues and Hashimoto's Disease.  According to the research, lifestyle is one of the four main factors that can trigger your autoimmunity.  It's extremely important to figure out what lifestyle changes will lead to your remission which, in turn, will decrease your symptoms over time.  We now know that specific dietary changes and other lifestyle factors can dramatically improve your thyroid symptoms  and your quality of life.  

We Help Patients Find Their Path To Wellness

We perform a FULL thyroid evaluation to find out if you have a conversion problem, distribution problem, or a thyroid production problem.  We look at inflammation and your immune system.  We also have to check for brain issues, GI issues, blood sugar imbalances and several other indicators to get the full picture of what's really going on. This helps us create YOUR specific path back to wellness.  

Hashimoto's Hope

My name is Dr. Jason Fowler, and this is my family-my beautiful wife Tarah, oldest son Adyn and my youngest son Brady (Yes..he's giving my wife bunny ears!...that's his personality).  I have been in private practice for 15 years in a brick and mortar location and have moved to a virtual platform which is allowing me to help clients across the united states.  I have experience in natural health and wellness and have given lectures on how to maximize the bodies' healing potential through exercise, nutrition and stress reduction.  I have been Kharrazian Institute trained; when it comes to the thyroid, Dr. Kharrazian is the world expert on thyroid research.  I have also been certified through Functional Medicine University and have had extensive post graduate training in the world of Functional Medicine.  

Learn More About How We Can Help You

How We Work

We go through a simple process to figure out what is impacting your thyroid function.  There are four things that drastically limit thyroid function, and our goal is to find your path to autoimmune remission.   

Why We're Different

Most doctors only look at one or two numbers on a blood panel and use this to measure the health of your thyroid.    We use an easy 4-step system to get your body into a state of remission.  We explore your causes and triggers. Then we find a specific formula for your body, and that's where you will feel like you're in control of your health again.  The last step is to apply this formula; we will guide you along the way.  

Consultation Process

The initial $37 thyroid remission phone call will be 30-40 minutes long. We'll discover together if we would be a good fit to work together to reach your health goals.  If we are a good fit, then we will send you an email with the initial paperwork. This paperwork can be extensive, but this is extremely important because we want to dive deep into the possible causes for your auto-immunity flair-ups.  There are only 12 open slots every week for these consultations and they fill up quickly. I look forward to meeting you and partnering on your journey to optimal health!    

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